Walk up Recording

Did you know that certain counties will not accept Vesting Deeds for recordation via overnight delivery direct to the county recorder?

Did you know that certain counties will not accept Vesting Deeds and certain documents utilizing electronic filing methodologies?

Did you know that many counties require vesting deeds to travel between up to five (5) different departments before the document is actually recorded?

Did you know that some "nationwide" document recording specialty companies will reject these types of documents?

The LRS Solution

If LRS is to stand behind its claims to provide true back room / post closing synergy that goes beyond the standard vendor client relationship; it must cover all aspects of filing documents.

Although every document demands the same level of urgency, there are times when documents need special hand holding to ensure there are no delays or failures to record either due to county restrictions or procedures.

LRS maintains and manages over 4,000 professional "title abstractors" that work inside the county records rooms. LRS will manage the process of delivering vesting deeds and other documents to these proven and trusted individuals to stand in line and confirm that all forms are completed properly, documents are recorded in the proper order, recording fees are accurate and ultimately recording information is in hand immediately.

A supplemental fee is necessary, however it is a small fee compared to a vendor refusing the order. LRS will never say; No we can't do that. Whether the document is residential or commercial, Lender Recording Services will ensure your document / lien is recorded.

All production processes are completed within the United States. LRS does not outsource overseas.