Document Archiving

Once a document is recorded and filing information has been received and presented to our clients, LRS ultimately receives the hard copy official recorded document back from the county.

Upon receipt, the document(s) is scanned and auto indexed to the appropriate file and available for viewing by the client. LRS has never purged a scanned image. The document will always be available for viewing and printing.

LRS can also integrate with its clients proprietary systems and develop an auto transfer or bulk transfer of images to be auto indexed and uploaded to clients system.

LRS can download documents to DVD and deliver at a specified time for clients internal archiving processes.

From Cradle to Grave, LRS will review the document, coversheets, and applicable forms, deliver to the county as directed, ensure recordation, collect and supply recording information, ensure document is returned to the rightful owner and provide an historical record of the recording process and scanned image of the recorded document.

LRS is your post closing back room.

Efficient, reduced fixed expenses and the highest level of personal customer service in the industry is the reason why LRS continues to be the industry leader, even in these economic times.

All production processes are completed within the United States. LRS does not outsource overseas.