Electronic Filing

"eRecording" is the process of filing and recording documents with the county clerk's or recorder's office via the Internet that would otherwise be sent by express mail or courier service.

eRecording is a government priority. Federal (ESIGN) and state (UETA and URPERA) legislation has enabled counties to secure vehicle to build electronic recording platforms. LRS has worked tirelessly to streamline this process through its technological partnerships to be able to coordinate efiling in over 400 counties nationwide with additional counties being added monthly.

The electronic recording ("erecording") process allows LRS to provide its clients with same day recording confirmation, and in some cases within minutes of LRS receiving the document at our office. And the most exciting aspect; the document never leaves our office eliminating:

  • Additional day delay to record due to overnight delivery to county / on ground representative for walk up.
  • Elimination of risk of document damage or loss during transit.
  • Instantaneous notification if document does not meet recording / scanning standards allowing for expedited repair vs. waiting for the county to return document standard USPS.
All production processes are completed within the United States. LRS does not outsource overseas.